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Wildflower Farms is an Auberge hotel located in New York’s Hudson Valley. Nestled on 140 secluded acres, the hotel will have 65 bedrooms, a spa, indoor and outdoor pools, a restaurant, a bar and a gym.


We imagine Wildflower Farms as a country home – a marked departure from the fast pace of the city. The space is approachable and honest. Just as you might find the proprietor at work, the lobby is designed around a potting shed – flowers in the bluestone sink and a sun hat flopped over a wooden peg. Downstairs in the bar, quilted fabrics and mixed prints in muted olive, mustard and aubergine reference a simpler time of weekend trips to the Catskills. A house party among friends of friends. Great music. Drinking from the can but dressed for the occasion. There is no particular sense of era – perhaps it’s a wood paneled Wagoneer, ripped jeans and a Walkman. Before that it was the freedom of windows down – Neil Young echoing to the wind. And even before that it was the late summer swims and evening socials at ritzy Catskills resorts. We are inspired by the richness of the land and color and sounds that surround it. The sage green stalks of Queen Anne’s lace, the burnt orange of the changing leaves in autumn and the indigo sky at night.


Wildflower Farms will open October 2022.